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Are you an heir or a beneficiary of an Estate?  

Whether or not the decedent had a Will, if any assets are individually owned the primary way to transfer assets from the deceased to the beneficiaries is to go through the probate process. Probate, the court’s oversight of the distribution of the estate’s assets, is generally needed to gain access to individually owned stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank  accounts or to re-title real property. This process  may seem simple, but it can often touch on sensitive family issues and can become difficult to manage.  In the state of Florida, this process should never be attempted without the assistance of an attorney. 

Have you been appointed as a Personal Representative in a deceased individual's Last Will and Testament?  

I work with clients throughout the State of Florida as well as with out-of-state heirs and personal representatives to ensure that all aspects of estate administration come to resolution as quickly as possible. I understand the need to handle these matters discreetly and timely, and I offer counsel and advice to my clients throughout this complex and difficult, yet unavoidable process.  I handle:

  • Full, Summary and Ancillary Court proceedings;  
  •  Identification and collection of the decedent’s assets;
  •  Provide Out of State Estate and Probate Attorneys  Assistance.

Do you or your client need assistance with legal issues in Florida?  

I can be your resource for your client's Florida legal matters. I specialize in Probate, Real Estate, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Law and I can aid you with: 

  • Deeds transferring Florida real property; 
  • Probate: Full, Summary or Ancillary Court administration;
  • General consultations on Florida law;
  • Florida jurisdiction accident or slip and fall cases.

Do you have an Estate plan that will protect and disburse your assets?

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is an attorney aided procedure that focuses on keeping the costs associated with your estate down to a minimum and to have everything associated with your estate flow as seemlessly as possible.

Durable Power of Attorney

When a person can no longer make decisions for himself or herself a Durable Power of Attorney allows a family member of their choosing to make financial, real estate, and/or health related decisions for them. In the event of someone's incapacity, by creating a Durable Power of Attorney, that person can avoid the only and much costlier alternative of going through a legal guardianship proceeding.  

 How to avoid probate and minimize estate taxes

Creating certain kinds of trusts can minimize your estate taxes and prevent the costly need to probate your estate in the Florida court system. Let me save you money and make distribution of assets to your loved ones much easier!

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