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Michael Springer, South Miami, Florida USA

"I have been represented by Mr. Bakerman for over twenty years. He participated in settlling a personal injury car accident case for me for $50,000 and he settled my daughter's personal injury case for $100,000. He's honest, fair, straight forward and gave me great advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone for a personal injury case."

David Cassell, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

" Rodger Bakerman handled a guardianship for my aunt for several years while I was living out of the country. The guardianship went smoothly as Rodger handled all aspects of guardianship administration with me via telephone and email. Rodger's work saved me time, money, and most importantly, stress as the guardianship was complex and time consuming with a lot of paperwork. I could not have handled that situation myself and I was lucky to have Rodger to help me. When the guardianship turned into probate of  aunt's estate Rodger switched gears and guided me through the probate process in good time. I found dealing with the court to be difficult. I wouldn't try to do that myself. If you need help with a guardianship or with probate, Rodger Bakerman can help you." 


$450,000 Settlement

WAYNE PARKER: In a suit against an excavating company, which was clearing land, a tree they were trying to remove fell on  the roof of my client's car that he was driving severely injuring his neck. I settled at pre-suit mediation for my client, making sure that he is taken care of for life.

$137,500 Settlement

LANCE CONO: In a case of negligence against the driver of the car when Lance was a passenger, I was able to get our client a settlement that helped him in his daily life.

$100,000 Settlement

DAVID PARKER: In a case against the homeowner

for a slip and fall in the tub/shower I was two steps ahead of the adjuster and I got my client the policy limits of $100,000.

The Dick Estate

This estate had a worth of about a million dollars, but was complicated because the deceased's spouse had predeceased him, he had no children, and left his whole estate to his nieces and nephews. About three quarters of them were minors. It took about 15 years for the whole estate to be distributed.